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Rings and human energy

How rarely do we think about how the energy of our bodies works, what amplifies it and what, on the contrary, suppresses or closes it down. This time we will share information about the influence of rings as jewellery. This is the Vedic view of the influence of the rings we wear on our fingers. A detailed analysis of each finger and recommendations on which finger they should not be worn on:

  • How do they affect our emotional state?
  • How can they improve our physical state?
  • How can they help us in this material world?
  • how can they help us to resolve certain issues?

Our fingers are our unique characteristic, our uniqueness, what makes us different from all the other inhabitants of this Earth. With the help of our fingers we are able to create:

  • perfect sounds, playing musical instruments;
  • perfect works of art by taking a paintbrush to our fingers;
  • perfect jewellery by using tools;
  • healing ourselves and others through acupuncture or acupressure.

Many of you already know that our fingers are energy channels. Even more so the tips of our fingers. Knowing how these fingers and their energy channels work, knowing what combinations of fingers can be used - certain higher states of consciousness and physical body can be achieved. These finger combinations are called mudras (mudra).

Any metal on the finger (whether it is gold, platinum, silver or simply copper) - expands the possibilities of the finger, plays the role of an antenna, an extension of the antenna. This antenna - very strongly charges that finger with a specific energy, and if you don't know how to work, how to control this energy - it can create big troubles. And in general - if you don't know how a particular finger and the ring on it works - it is better not to wear any rings at all than to wear them in a haphazard, unsystematic way.

 Planets, elements

Planetos, stichijos

In the Vedic system, each finger is described through the power and character of a particular planet. That is, a particular finger has the energy of a particular planet. This alignment is very convenient and very easy to learn.

Also, each finger represents a particular elemental force.

The active hand (right hand for right-handed people, left hand for left-handed people) is the hand that gives out energy. It makes more sense to look at the planetary system when assessing the influence of the forces on the active hand, as it is through the fingers of this hand and the planets that we are in contact with the outer world, the macrocosm.

The passive hand is the hand that attracts energy. When looking at the influence of the forces on the passive hand, it makes more sense to look at the correspondence to the elements, as this forms the microcosm. And it is through the fingers of this hand and the elements that it is easiest for us to influence and affect ourselves.



The thumb is Mars and the Ayurvedic element fire (Agni).

At its core, it is a joystick that controls and manipulates our energy. It is the combinations of this finger with other fingers that allow different results. Give energy or take it away.

This is why, when we succeed, we put our thumb up. When we fail, we bring it down. The energy of the thumb is the energy of Mars. Mars is a general leading an army behind him, with a goal to achieve a result. Failure is exactly what the "fallen general" represents.

By placing a ring on the "general" - we create a special magnetic/energy field. In ancient times, rings were only worn on the thumb by diviners, people who were constantly engaged in spiritual practices.

Wearing a ring on the thumb of your active hand (Mars) helps to strengthen your will, determination and motivation. It also enhances a person's magical abilities. At the same time, it shows a person's ability and choice to put their will on other people.

Wearing the ring on the thumb (fire) of the passive hand will help you to meditate, cleanse your energy system and perform other rituals. At the same time, it shows one's readiness and consent to surrender to the will and guidance of others.

There is no special mudra just for the thumb. The thumb is a symbol of divine energy, rising above the ego and the material world, symbolising universal consciousness.

 Index finger

Jupiteris-orasThe index finger is Jupiter and the Ayurvedic element air (Vayu).

It is the planet that guides us, shows us the way. This is why when we want to point to something, we point with this finger. And this is what people do all over planet Earth, in all cultures, without being taught.

Jupiter represents knowledge, expertise. When we have knowledge - we show, we help to choose a direction.

And we all intuitively feel that pointing this finger at a person is wrong, because the person feels this energy well, and this energy can affect them strongly. The ancient mystics, using special rings on this finger, were able to manipulate the will of other people, to make them obey just by pointing at them.

Wearing rings on this active hand (Jupiter) increases self-esteem, self-confidence and leadership qualities. It is the energy of power, authority and career. If you lack self-confidence and want to be more respected, wear a ring on this finger.

Wearing rings on this forefinger of the passive hand (air) enables the surrender of leadership, the permission to dominate for others.

Mudra used: Chin Mudra / Gyan Mudra, Seal of Knowledge.
Gyan Mudra is the mudra of wisdom as it connects the divine finger (thumb) with the index finger (forefinger). It gives us knowledge, expands our field of possibilities and liberates us from limitations. It is about expansion, wisdom and higher consciousness. It is calming and gives the practitioner spiritual openness and ease in meditation. It sharpens the brain, strengthens the mind, the nervous system, the endocrine system and the pituitary gland.

The Index finger: the planet Jupiter and the Air element (Vayu) - carries the energy of the subconscious and the ego.

 The Middle finger

Saturnas-eterisThe Middle finger is Saturn and the Ayurvedic element ether (Akash).

Saturn rules human karma, the law of cause and effect.

The middle finger is the strongest of the front 4 fingers. It is like Mount Kailash (abode of the gods Shiva and Kubera). People who come to this mountain and perform rituals here - relieve their karma burden.

The same with the middle finger: when you put a ring with the required stone on this finger, you start to be able to change the qualities of the events that await you, the quality of your future life.

However, one has to be careful here, because at the bottom of this finger, at the first phalanx (knuckle), is the "rahu hill" (бугор раху). Rahu is the force that reinforces several times what you are wearing, what ring or what stone you have there. And when wearing a jewel on the bottom of this finger, this amplification effect has to be taken into account.

This finger represents connections, relationships, values and responsibilities in society.

Wearing a ring on this finger of the active hand (Saturn) strengthens the relationship with specific egregores: family rings, religious or ritual rings. A ring on this finger indicates that the wearer takes life very seriously and is able to distinguish between right and wrong, between keeping the rules and breaking them.

Wearing a ring on this finger of the passive hand (ether) indicates a less active sociality but a very strong inner responsibility. These people are ideal employees, subordinates, doers.

Mudra used: Shuni Mudra, Seal of Patience.
Shuni Mudra helps to promote wisdom, purity, compassion, understanding and patience towards others, and patience in carrying out one's duties. It helps to turn negative emotions into positive ones.

The middle finger: the planet Saturn and the element of Aether (Akash) - brings the energy of stability and strength.

 Ring finger

Saulė-žemėThe ring finger is the Sun and the Ayurvedic element earth (Pritvhi).

It is the creative energy. It is the energy that gives us creativity, inspiration. It also gives us endurance, the ability to find and maintain balance, the ability to ground ourselves (Prithvi mudra). Thanks to this mudra we become grounded, harmonised, balanced.

In some ashrams in India, where the tantric path of self-knowledge is taught, copper rings are placed on the ring finger. This restriction during spiritual practices prevents your subtle body from leaving, leaving the physical. It mechanically grounds you, binds you to the earth.

The ring finger is called the "control panel". It is like a computer mouse, so it is best not to wear any ring on this finger at all, as it can completely unbalance the coherence of our energy system, bringing completely unplanned and unexpected changes.

Wearing a ring on this finger of the active hand (Sun) increases the possibility of sharing your creativity, noticing other people's good qualities and helping them express them. It is also a "healer's ring" - helping you to heal other people with your vital energy.

Wearing the ring on the passive hand (earth) brings creative potential that can be used to overcome difficulties (including those that arise in marriage). It also helps to attract money and improve health.

Mudra used: Prithvi Mudra (fire and earth energies). or Surya Mudra, Seal of Life.
Surya Mudra gives us vitality and liveliness. It means balance, energy, stamina, health and vitality. It can help bring about positive changes in your life, speed up metabolism and stimulate digestion.

The ring finger: the solar planet and the Earth element (Pritvhi) - resonates with the energy of the solar plexus and controls personal power.

 Little finger

Merkurijus-vanduoThe little finger is Mercury and the Ayurvedic element Water (Jal).

It is a unique finger because only in him both the first and the third phalanges (finger bone) are Tama guna (ignorance). That is why criminals, unscrupulous politicians and other dark people wear precious rings on the little finger.

The purpose of the little finger: to be an antenna that connects us to other people. This is Mercury: communication, information, social connections.

The right ring and stone can help to protect you from the influence of other people and, conversely, make you a great negotiator.

Wearing a ring on this finger of the active hand (Mercury) is responsible for communication, and shows that the owner is a unique and exceptional negotiator, with great talent and every opportunity to express himself. It also indicates sexual availability and curiosity.

Wearing the ring on this passive hand finger (water) strengthens your intuition, you start to feel the energies better, you reach the "insides". During sleep, it promotes prophetic dreams, strengthens concentration. Wearing the ring on the finger of the passive hand shows that this person is a great listener with good intuition.

Mudra used: Buddhi Mudra, Seal of Communication or Seal of Mental Clarity.
The Buddhi Mudra helps to communicate clearly and openly. It helps to balance the water element and to prevent all the diseases that are associated with water deficiency (e.g. dry skin and eyes). This Mudra also helps you to better understand and recognise intuitive messages in order to gain knowledge.

The little finger: the planet Mercury and the Water element (Varuna) is associated with our worldly and intellectual activities.

 In the phalanges of the fingers of Guna

GunosThe Vedas tell us that each finger (excluding the thumb) has three phalanges (finger bones), and each finger bone has one of the three gunas inherent in that finger bone.
The gunas are the set of qualities of the human Soul, the three active forces that bind our Soul strongly to the material (physical) world. Our mind has the qualities or energies of the three Gunas:

  • Guna Sattva - silence and peace, spirituality and enlightenment.
  • Guna Rajas - agitation and restlessness, dynamism, struggle and any material element.
  • Guna Tamas - darkness, ignorance, degradation. Laziness, depression and apathy, helplessness.

Therefore, it is very important not only on which finger you wear a ring or a stone, but also on which finger you phalanx, i.e. on which guna you do it. For example, chanting mantras with a mala is done on the phalanx of the middle finger. That is, by working with the mala, by moving the mala dice and chanting mantras, we reduce our Tamas (laziness, darkness, ignorance, inaction).

 Other instances of wearing the rings

Be žiedųIf there are no rings on the hands, it indicates that he is a free-willed person, prone to impulsive manifestation, who does not like to be tied down and obliged. He is a man who accepts every moment of life as it really is.

Wearing several rings, you may find that these energies work together, balance each other, offset each other. At the same time, it is a tool for developing intuition, for experimenting with how which finger, stone or ring works.

People who wear rings on all their fingers are signalling that they find it very difficult to choose, that they find it very difficult to make decisions every time, that they prefer to be influenced by someone else, to choose someone else's opinion. They are also quite pronounced eccentrics who like to be the centre of attention.

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