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An ancient oriental method to
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What is "Reiki Practice"?

It is our online project to spread Reiki knowledge and increase personal Reiki practice. To achieve this goal - we need more people, more situations, more practice sessions. With this project we aim to achieve the following goals:

  • To enable people who do not have a Reiki practitioner in their environment to book a Reiki session.
  • To enable new Reiki practitioners to meet people who need a Reiki session.
  • To create a closed, self-regulating cycle in which energy is properly rewarded.

The first Reiki teachers who developed the methodology of our system were very clear about the concept of a Reiki activity: a rewarding session or a paid service. It is not "greed", "information trading" or "the desire to make money out of goodness".  It is far more sublime and important.

Our Reiki methodology is based on the Laws of the Universe. These are the basic rules that permeate all of Creation. And this above-mentioned rule echoes the laws of "Energy Exchange" and "Barter".

Law of energy exchange

Everything is made of energy, and energy never stands still: it moves, it changes, it transforms. When a person touches something, he participates in this energy exchange: he radiates something, absorbs something, reflects something. And in all this process there must be a balance: if somewhere it has decreased, somewhere else it has increased, and the decreased place must be filled with something new.
This law is also very much related to the law of "Traction". If you radiate negative energy, it will come back to you in failures and disasters, as evidence, as validation and as reward. If you thank the Universe for what you have now, you will receive even more good, you will feel an even greater outpouring of this energy.
If you want to live according to this law, learn to live in balance. Some people give too much and get almost nothing back because they don't know how to receive properly. Other people take a lot and give very little back, creating an imbalance. This law does not work automatically, but requires personal effort: when you receive, you give consciously. When you give (without violating other laws, not under duress), it is knowing how to receive.

The Law of Reward and Exchange

This is like the second part of the law described above. The law is for closing the cycle. A law for teaching and training in the application of free will, in decision-making, in responsibility for one's actions.
Never take anything for free. Give thanks, give an account, reward everything. There is always an exchange in the universe. If you know how to balance yourself, if you know how to follow the law of energy exchange, then you are free to choose, free to exchange, free to decide for yourself how to reward. If you don't follow this law, then the Universe will find situations and ways, will balance itself, will equalise itself. If you have received something for free (not thanking, not paying, not accepting, not wishing well), you will soon lose something yourself: something will become less (maybe a job, maybe income, maybe free time, etc.).
If you do a favour for someone else (physically or mentally), and you respond to the lawfully earned thanks with "no big deal, no need, not worth it", you are devaluing, depreciating your own spent energy, thus violating this law. You are telling the Universe that you, your energy and your efforts are worthless and do not need to be rewarded or rebalanced in any way.
If you do a favour for someone who has not asked for it, you are breaking this law yourself, and instead of a legitimate reward, all you get back is your own dissatisfaction from perceived ingratitude. Thus a karmic knot is tied, which you yourself will have to untie later.

The energy of the session

Reiki seansas

 The Reiki practitioner in a Reiki session is only a conductor, and the purer his consciousness is, the less he adds of himself during the session. And the less he adds, the more this universal vital energy has the potential to act.

However, it is not that a Reiki session costs the practitioner nothing. He makes the decision to do the session - it is an expression of the will using the energy. He allocates his time to the session, and time is also energy, or rather a medium for the exchange of energy (giving and receiving). He gives up other activities at that time, thus sacrificing his EGO needs for the sake of others - this is a sacrifice, and any sacrifice is a way, a form of manifestation of energy. And finally, he uses his life-energy as well, for only the most accomplished masters are able to maintain the flow of the crystal clear session. Everyone else adds something of themselves: compassion, pity or sympathy, physical effort, prayers or blessings. All this is the practitioner's depleted energy that needs to be balanced and restored. And either this is done by the effort of will of both parties, consciously, in agreement with the laws of the Universe, or by tacitly accepting that it will all be done automatically, "behind the scenes".

The Creator-Absolute has done everything possible to enable us to be responsible for ourselves: our thoughts, our words and our deeds. Let's decide for ourselves, not wait for others to do it for us!

Methods of reward

Cash payment is the most popular method of payment used by professional Reiki practitioners. People whose main activity is Reiki: lectures, trainings, initiations, sessions. Most of these practitioners have their own schools, offices, websites and price lists. It is a very precise, clear method of remuneration, equally understood by both parties: the giver and the receiver, and therefore has probably the least chance of being misunderstood or misrewarded.

How to understand Reiki energy?

To book a Reiki session - simply click on the button below and fill in the information requested in the form that appears: choose your preferred Reiki Master Practitioner, choose the method of payment that suits you, describe the purpose of the Reiki session (intention, problem or request), the desired time and number of sessions, and your name, city and email address. After completing the form, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions to the email address you have provided.

If you want to learn how to use Reiki energy on your own - register for our school training and learn and master this system step by step in a systematic and methodical way! You can open the door to your new possibilities NOW!

Book a Reiki Session

To book a Reiki session with the Master Practitioners, simply click on the button below and follow the instructions: choose the Master Practitioner, the method of payment and the purpose of the session.

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If you are interested in the possibilities of using this universal life energy and are ready to learn, we invite you to register for our Usui / Holy Fire® III Reiki Ryoho System training.

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