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reiki simbolisReiki is one of the alternative medicine therapies used to maintain and restore a person's physical and mental health. It is a system of hands-on healing that originated in ancient Tibet, then spread to Egypt, Greece, India, China, and finally was rediscovered in the early 19th century by the Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki is a Japanese word with two parts. The syllable (kanji sign) "Rei" means "all that exists in both thought and form", "universal", "universe", "ray". It reflects the universality of the method and encompasses the level of Spirit and Soul. "Ki" is the life energy that breathes life into creation", "the universal non-polarised energy of the Universe, the source of everything in the Universe".

Reiki is the universal life energy. It is a ray that has a beginning and an end. The beginning of the ray is at the origin of Creation and the end is wherever we send it.

Reiki is a therapy, one of the Tibetan techniques described in the secret Lotus Sutras in the first or second century AD. The Reiki symbols are the key to sending out the energy of this system of therapy. This is the formula that Dr Mikao Usui found in the Lotus Sutras. Reiki therapy is special in that it is made available to the healer by initiation, not by practice.

Reiki is a channel within the human being that is opened during initiation and through which the vital energy of the Universe flows. By channeling the energy into the client's body, the Reiki master stimulates the client's inner potential for self-healing and accelerates the healing of damaged organs or ailments, restoring vitality, balance and well-being on all levels (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) necessary for health. Reiki, unlike other healing modalities, works on the cause within our subtle energetic structures. Changes at the causal level also lead to changes in the physical body. Once we become aware of the root of the problem, we release the blocked energy, transform it into higher frequency energies and integrate a new way of thinking and behaving.

To sum up:
Reiki is a method of body and spirit development. It is a set of practices that do not depend on a person's race, age, gender, intelligence, education or level of spiritual development, making it accessible to most. It is used by people of all religions and beliefs around the world. Reiki is the energy of wisdom that always works for the highest good of the giver and the receiver, helping people to find a better solution to many situations in life.

Reiki energy activates, strengthens and balances the body and the spirit, acting on the causes rather than the effects that upset the balance of our body.  What makes this system so amazing is that it is very simple and accessible to everyone, and the healing methods are perfectly compatible with any other spiritual practice or traditional medicine.

Today is always the best time! Try it now, because with the help of this universal life energy we can together help a very large number of people, and help change their lives for the better:

  • relieving stress or pain;
  • giving a sense of peace and security;
  • improving the quality of sleep and rest;
  • giving physical and spiritual strength;
  • reducing fatigue and exhaustion;
  • restoring energy balance.

Are you ready to take charge and change your life? Then take advantage of this project: ask for a Reiki session with the master practitioners or learn this wonderful practice yourself!

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