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What are the "Reiki Steps"?

The stages of learning the Reiki system, also known as Reiki steps, are a set of systematically transmitted knowledge and practices, divided into different levels of knowledge and qualifications - for a greater absorption and understanding of the information based on personal practice.

At the end of each stage of learning, there is an initiation - a special ritual, called differently in different Reiki schools: initiation, ignition, attunement. It is a procedure, an act, a ritual, in the course of which a person's inner channel through which the universal life energy flows is opened or significantly widened. The initiation of each stage is done only once, and this channel remains open for the rest of one's life, without any additional efforts, practices or rituals.

The initiation can only be performed by a Reiki Master Teacher. Initiation is neither knowledge, nor experience, nor a guaranteed clearer perception. It is merely a technique (or technology) passed on from master-teacher to new master-teacher on how to properly calibrate one's energy bodies, to align them with the flow of life energy, for a wider channel and greater flow of Reiki energy. After initiation, the student becomes a new Reiki practitioner, and becomes a channel for the transmission of Reiki energy to both self and others.

Reiki initiation is not a gift from the teacher, rather it is a help, a small "repair", because everything that is done in this ritual is inherent in every living human being: the awareness of oneself as inseparable from the surrounding world, the perfect connection with the Divine, etc. It is simply by growing up that a person begins to forget the laws of the Universe, to "root" himself in this material world, to lose the power of nature and creation. The norms imposed by society shape wrong thinking, wrong motivation, harmful lifestyles.

In initiation, one is realigned with one's own inner voice, one's own personality, one's own higher self. It is like going back to the beginning, like being born again. IT specialists would call this a "resetting of the parameters", after which the person regains the qualities he was born with and had forgotten. During this ritual, the four upper chakras are cleansed, realigned: Sahasrara (Crown), Ajna (Third Eye), Vishuddha (Throat), Anahata (Heart), additional palm chakras, and a special connection is made between the Reiki energy and the student.

Well, to use this universal vital energy properly requires information, knowledge and practice.

Reiki Step 1: Shoden - Contact Reiki

In this training one learns how to use Reiki energy, how to be a conductor of Reiki energy, how to allow the universal life energy to flow freely in physical contact: with oneself, with another human being, with an animal or plant. It also includes information necessary for the practice of Reiki:
Kontaktinis Reiki

  • Reiki kanji signs (meaning, origin, significance);
  • The history of the Reiki method;
  • The concept of energy;
  • The concept of vibration;
  • Concept of Matter and Bodies;
  • Scale of energy subtleties;
  • Types of energies (Earth energy, Prana energy, Reiki energy);
  • Human energy bodies (physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhi, memory);
  • Human energy channels (Ida nadi, Pingala nadi, Sushumna nadi, Kundalini energy);
  • The 5 principles of Master Mikao Usui;
  • Reiki rules ("safety precautions for work");
  • Methodology for conducting a Reiki session;
  • 27 palm positions for self-healing;
  • Grounding ritual;
  • Laws of the Universe.

How long the training will last depends on the students: their awareness, perception, spirituality. It is not that all of the above information is necessary for this stage, and without it one cannot be initiated and start practicing Reiki. No, initiation is possible even with only a superficial knowledge. However, the better trained the practitioner is, the more clearly he understands the very principle of how the energy works, the easier it will be for him to satisfy and quieten the active mind ("Bоспринимающий ум", Mind, Manas, Perceiving Mind). And this is essential, because we are only conductors, and the purer the practitioner's consciousness is (unburdened by thoughts, unpolluted by emotions), the more opportunity this universal vital energy has for expression.

After the training and initiation, a period of active contact Reiki practice is needed to allow the new practitioner to gain experience, to refine his/her senses, to deepen his/her understanding, to expand his/her perception. Once this has been done, it is possible to move on to the next stage of Reiki.

Reiki Step 2: Okuden - Distance Reiki

In this training one learns to send Reiki energy without direct physical contact. This is achieved by using special Reiki symbols that can be used to send universal life energy to any point in space and time, and to assist over distance. During this training you will learn:

  • 1, 2 and 3 Reiki symbols (meaning, mode of action, calligraphy);
  • to transmit Reiki energy over an unlimited distance;
  • transmit Reiki energy into the future, heal the past;
  • affect the very cause of an illness or problem;
  • harmonise human relationships, resolve situations;
  • realise plans, goals, dreams faster;
  • purify, rooms, objects, food, water;
  • program food, water, crystals, jewellery, amulets;
  • Increased energy flow, stronger, faster effects on oneself or the patient during sessions.

After the second stage of Reiki initiation, new perspectives of spiritual development open up. The knowledge and energetic abilities acquired promote self-discipline, a process of awareness, and greater responsibility for one's actions and thoughts. The Reiki practitioner's energetic abilities are increased, the channel is widened, and the flow of Reiki energy is increased: it is possible to transmit more Reiki energy through oneself in less time.

This stage of initiation also requires a long practice of using the Reiki signs and performing the sessions. This is a much broader use of Reiki energy, and therefore more situations, more people, more sessions are needed to achieve the corresponding mastery. Once you have gained the appropriate experience, you can move on to the next level of Reiki.

Reiki Step 3: Shinpiden - Reiki Masters

During this training, one is given the opportunity to teach this method to other people, to initiate them into the channel of universal vital energy. In our school, this stage is divided into two stages, Master-Guide and Master-Teacher, in order to increase the absorption of knowledge and positive practice. In these stages, a person is invited to join by a Reiki Master Teacher who has observed the performance and potential of his/her student.

 Shihan-kaku - Reiki Master Guide

For a second stage student to be able to study the master stage, a minimum of 1 year of daily practice in meditation and working with oneself or other people is required. A Reiki Master at this level can also work as a healer, lead individual or group Reiki meditation classes, and organise Reiki Circles. If you are invited, you will learn during this training: 

  • The fourth Reiki symbol (meaning, mode of action, calligraphy);
  • Reiki Chakra Meditation - to harmonise the energy bodies and chakras;
  • Reiki Master Meditation - a special method for performing Master sessions;
  • a special connection with the universal healing energy of the Universe;
  • Diagnosis by merging with the universal information field;
  • to form and charge a crystalline structure that heals, improves or brings success.

After this stage of initiation, the Reiki master guide gains an even greater flow of energy and a stronger and faster effect on himself or the patient during Reiki sessions.

 Shihan - Reiki Master Teacher

Before passing on the knowledge of the Reiki Master-Teacher, the student must do meditation practices together with his Reiki Master-Teacher, conduct Reiki seminars together for at least 2 years, and organise Reiki circles."  In this way, the necessary experience is gained and the proper practice of knowledge transfer is achieved, preserving the integrity and continuity of training. The training at this level includes:

  • Transmission of Reiki initiations;
  • Transmission of Reiki initiations.

How to understand Reiki energy?

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Reiki initiation power

As we mentioned above - everything that is performed during the Reiki initiation process or ritual is in every living person by nature, only the lifestyle, bad habits, orientation to the needs of the physical body and the material world - aligns our subtle bodies, pollutes our consciousness, creates energy blocks . When starting to practice Reiki - with each subsequent initiation, the channel of universal universal Reiki energy expands, the flow increases, the connection becomes stronger, as shown in the example below.

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